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Far away and beyond
You must be,
Where your senses
Can do no mistake.
Far away and beyond
All your human dramas,
Where the peace inside
Becomes the ruler
For the inner speaker.
You have been to much
Involved with your own illusions,
Too much blinded
By the too many colours of this world,
To much deaf by the ever present
Symphony of laughs and screams
All around you
All around everybody
Since the dawn of times,
When for the first time
man stopped hearing
His own thoughts,
Stopped hearing
His own Life
And began to die
To the Being inside.
Can you hear Yourself
Inside the self you are not?
Can you hear your silence
Telling you:
- Now You can speak
embodied by the truth
I carry with me ?
Stop the non-sense,
Stop giggling for this
And for that,
Stop saying " yes" or "no"
To whatever you’re doing,
Stop crying the tears you asked for
And the joys you aren’t sure are yours.
Stop the mess
Of not being Yourself.
Who are You?
The phantom is blurring
My vision of You.
The phantom you have became,
The phantom you want to free yourself.
I can’t tell...
Who are You?
Far away and beyond...!
Is waiting You...
Where Silence
Will allow You to speak...
Where You can be
No strings attached
To so many lies,
No eyes blinded
To so many vertigos,
No hears corrupted
By so many nothing
Things to hear.
Try to be Yourself...
Is it hard?
Is it difficult?
I know it is.
So begin now
Your journey to the
Far away and Beyond... maybe,
and just maybe,
one day,
you can die and tell yourself:
I had a glimpse of the Light Within...!
Far away and Beyond
Is a place inside...
...I can go now,
to the Far away and Beyond
for I have been there before...
Far away and Beyond
I am not myself...
I just Am.
I Am.
Not even that.
Not even words.

Autor: "Lord InglÍs"


Song Bird